Zugzwang: [ˈtsuːktsvaŋ]

1. German for "Compulsion to move".
2. When your couch gets stuck in a stairwell and you can't move it out.
3. A player is said to be in "zugzwang" when any possible move will worsen their position.


Jurassic World 3D: DINOSAURS!!!!!

In a departure from my typical movie experience; I chose to see Jurassic World in 3D. Because I saw the film in 3D, my review is centered on the 3D experience. I’m going to give this film two ratings based on my 3D experience. I recommend you check it out in standard definition. Don’t bother seeing it in 3D. I… Read more →


Recap of the 61st Maryland Open

A few weeks ago I played in the 61st Maryland Open. As usual the conditions were fantastic. Mike runs a fantastic tournament. My readers should make an attempt to play in his events. He works hard and we need more progressive minded people in the chess world. I did my new routine leading up to this tournament. My results were… Read more →


Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller is back in a big way. Mad Max has once again grabbed hold and violently shaken the American movie-goer. This is an action-packed thriller that’s light on dialogue and heavy on homicide. Similar to the previous iterations. Go see it in theaters; it’s meant for the big screen. The trailer leaves little the imagination. Charlize Theron puts on… Read more →

GM Berge Ostenstad

June 2015 Grandmaster Spotlight: Berge Ostenstad

Welcome back, this month we are going to be examining the games of GM Berge Ostenstad. Ostenstad has a FIDE rating of 2456 and is the 11th highest rated player in Norway. He was the sixth person awarded the GM title from Norway. He earned the IM title in 1987 and he earned the GM title in 2003. Ostenstad is… Read more →