Zugzwang: [ˈtsuːktsvaŋ]

1. German for "Compulsion to move".
2. When your couch gets stuck in a stairwell and you can't move it out.
3. A player is said to be in "zugzwang" when any possible move will worsen their position.


Amy: You Don’t Have the Time

When she was alive, Amy Winehouse was a polarizing figure. The new documentary “Amy”, explores her controversial life. From her humble beginnings to her cataclysmic spiral into drug abuse and alcoholism. Don’t bother seeing this one in theaters. Save yourself the eight dollars and wait for it to hit Netflix. I thought the film did a good job of illustrating… Read more →


Recap of the 20th Bradley Open

This past weekend I played in the 20th annual Bradley Open. It was a strange event for me and was quite the roller coaster. It was a smorgasbord of a tournament. Generally there is a theme to the way I play in a given tournament. This tournaments theme was potpourri; everything that could happen did happen. Let me explain; in… Read more →


Weekly Review – 5/21/15 – 7/3/15

Welcome back everyone, recently I’ve done a better job of collecting the headlines than in previous posts. Without further ado here’s what I got: 5/26/15 – Nebraska Governor Vetoes Bill That Repealed Death Penalty 6/3/15 – FIFA Updates: Interpol Targets Officials, And South Africa Denies Bribing 6/16/15 – ‘I Identify As Black,’ Rachel Dolezal Says In TV Interview 6/25/15 –… Read more →

GM Petar Drenchev

July 2015 Grandmaster Spotlight: Petar Drenchev

This month we are going to be examining the life and games of GM Petar Drenchev. GM Drenchev has a FIDE rating of 2465 and is the 18th highest rated player from Bulgaria. He earned the IM title in 2007 and the GM title in 2011. Drenchev received his GM title later in life than you usually see. This gives… Read more →